Lyssandra Guerra has a diverse background in holistic nutrition, health coaching, energy kinesiology, and chakra therapy.

Through her own health struggles, Lyssandra has gained a wealth of knowledge in field of nutrition, Eastern medicine, and energy medicine. Lyssandra specializes in optimizing digestion, weight management, increasing energy and vitality while also helping her clients to make conscious choices as they create a relationship to their food and their body.

In strengthening the digestive system, her clients gain more energy, increase metabolism, sleep better, have clearer skin and raise their overall vitality. She understands that when symptoms are left untreated, imbalances of the gut lead to food sensitivities/allergies, leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, candida, parasites, neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances, skin issues, lack of energy, poor sleep, weight gain, and dis-ease such as autoimmune disorders and cancer.

Lyssandra’s intention is to let her clients see that their body has the ability to heal as long as you provide it with the correct medicine. With precision, she uses her knowledge, research, and many tools to offer an in-depth look at what each individual needs for healing and recovery. She combines her roles as a nutritionist, health coach and applied kinesiologist to see the whole picture -- what is going on in your body, mind, and spirit that may be affecting your internal system. With Lyssandra’s dedication and her Virgo’s comprehensive and detail-oriented nature she offers insightful and informative analysis with action-oriented, measurable and realistic steps to help her clients achieve their health goals.

Alongside her areas of expertise, Lyssandra’s other special interests include brain and memory health, libido and mood, exercise & movement, meditation and kundalini yoga.



My approach for a healthy and balanced life is simple …

  • Eat foods that nourish your individual self

  • Obtain quality sleep

  • Move your body daily

  • Embody healthy self-esteem and a positive mindset

  • Form meaningful relationships

  • Find hobbies & interests that are empowering !!!

  • Have goals and desires

  • Feel a sense of purpose & belonging

  • Express gratitude

Vibrate the prosperous and powerful life that is within you.