I love food, positive energy, a great attitude, and feeling good in my body and about my body…all the time. Don’t we all? As awesome as this sounds, it’not always so feasible to have them at the same time. Life can be stressful with obligations, work/career, money, relationships and personal growth, all while trying to lead a healthy lifestyle that fits into your current life.

It is no surprise that most women suffer from digestive issues, low energy, stubborn weight gain, harsh PMS and yo-yo mood levels, overwhelm and stress when we have to deal with all of the above. Sadly, one of more of these symptoms often leads to confusion, low confidence and self-esteem, lack of creativity and vitality and low lust for life.

Does this sound familiar? Well, you aren’t alone. I basically just summed up where I was, (and sometimes still am!) in two sentences.  I didn’t begin my health journey with all of these symptoms, they have sort of accumulated over time and while I overcome some health challenges, new ones pop-up (I’ve got quite the self-help toolbox!) As macabre as this sounds, I honestly believe I was meant to go through physical and emotional breakdowns to arouse my spirit towards look for deeper meanings to health, joy and life.

I was gifted major gut dysfunction 9 years ago, during the time when I ate lots of processed food, engaged in careless lifestyle patterns, and under emotional stress. Initially, I tried to heal myself by listening to mainstream-talk about healthy foods like tofu, whole wheat bread and pasta, and non-fat dairy. I even exercised daily, but to no avail I did not feel better, mentally or physically. Eventually I was diagnosed with IBS but without any guidance on how to manage it. Again, I turned to my inner wisdom, this time with better listening skills and with the help of holistic practitioners I slowly began to peeling the layers of dysfunction –constipation, food sensitivities, acne, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, candida, parasites, anxiety and depression. Yep, the whole gamut. These conditions don’t begin at the same time, one often leads to the another if left un-cared for.

I was able to break through most of my physical barriers after my nutritional training but quickly became overwhelmed by starting my own holistic practice. I began to notice that most of my health issues were triggered by stress. To make matters worse I was feeling overworked, uninspired, uncreative, and I stopped listening to my body’s needs. Now I go deep into myself, ask questions, listen and receive. It’s not always easy but if you truly put yourself as #1 on the list, accept and give yourself permission to be, then you will see your highest self.

I am here to push the unhelpful crap aside and guide you through your health journey so that you don’t have to spend years of stress and frustration in order to have a relationship to your food and feel dynamic in all aspects of your life. 



My food philosophy is simple. Eat a variety of foods. Chew your food. Drink water, sleep and play. By following this philosophy, balance is naturally made within the body and allowing for expansion in the mind and spirit. 

  • Eating foods that nourish each individual's body
  • Sleeping 7-8 hours a night
  • Exercising regularly
  • Having a healthy self-esteem and positive outlook
  • Forming meaningful relationships
  • Finding hobbies & interests that are empowering !!!
  • Enjoying your career
  • Reaching your goals and desires
  • Feeling a sense of purpose & belonging

Create the prosperous and powerful life that is within you.