Energy Kinesiology: Manual Muscle Testing

The 24 Hr Law Wheel shows the time of day in which the organ is most active


Earlier this month I had the honor of taking hands-on Touch for Health classes with John McGuire at the Institute of Kinesiology in Long Beach, California. I've been interested in learning how to assess food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, candida, leaky gut and hot to tackle emotional blockages through bodywork. I was introduced to this line of practice by my mentor and kinesiologist, Carol Oakes, sometime last year Carol has been a huge motivation for seeking out this holistic approach to creating and maintaining balance and optimal health in individuals. I am excited to begin offering these skills as part of my own practice. 

Applied Kinesiology uses Chinese medicine principles to determine energy blockages and imbalances in the body and restores them back into balance. Touch for Health is a refinement that John McGuire teaches to holistic practitioners and non-doctors. It is a very safe and gentle procedure that produces quick results. How does it do that? Using manual muscle testing with an indicator muscle, you can tap into the body's innate intelligence for information. You see, we all have an innate intelligence that knows what is optimal for own personal health and by tapping into our body's wisdom we receive information on what needs to be addressed, such as lifestyle, diet, physical body, thinking, spiritual and environment. McGuire states that "through muscle testing as a biofeedback indicator helps us to determine where energy is blocked and what to do to restore our bodies and minds to optimum energy flow and balance. A muscle tests weak when there is stress blocking energy flow and it tests strong when energy is flowing." 

This remarkable information and the ability to tap into our body's wisdom proves that everything affects everything else. 

I was finishing up my holistic nutrition training when I started to see Carol for digestive issues and hormonal imbalances. She muscle tested me on specific foods and right away(from listening to my body's wisdom) we were able to determine if that particular food was supporting or depleting my body's balance. I suffer from a weak digestion so to me this was BIG. Carol also tested my supplements to see how my body responded to them. The results were incredible. I instantly thought of a handful of friends who could benefit from this type of knowledge so that they could steer clear from foods that depleted their energy and test for vitamins they typically consumed. 

"When you experience physical or emotional symptoms or disease, the way you are LIVING, EATING, or THINKING is not allowing your innate wisdom to carry outs its function to create and maintain maximum health."

In addition to manual muscle testing for nutrition, neurolymphatic massage can be used to help clear energy blockages and rebalance the body by stimulating areas where the lymph shows congestion.Our lymph system is crucial in eliminating the waste from our bodies. Here are some principles and benefits where the Touch for Health model can be effective. 

  • Addressing musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle aches and spasms, joint inflammation and range of motion, headaches and back pain

  • Improving digestion and elimination

  • Discovering an optimal diet and balancing body chemistry

  • Improving sleep and creating greater calmness and peacefulness

  • Boosting energy levels and removing fatigue

  • Enhancing psychological balance and clearing upsetting emotions and traumas

  • Accelerating learning and education development

  • Vitalizing spiritual development



These are valuable tools when working with clients because I really get to tune into their body's intelligence, explore their constitution and create an individualized program that nurtures them to optimal health and balance. I am grateful to learn such skills and to begin this new approach.