Beat Your Bloat & Other Tummy Troubles


It's time to real-talk yourself about symptoms you may be dealing with on the day-to-day. Symptoms that might have been in your life for so long, that you have either accepted by now or you think are just plain normal processes. 

Do you often have gas and bloat? Fatigue? Painful joints? Stubborn weight and sugar cravings? Maybe skin issues you just can’t figure out?

Food sensitivities are more common and have a wider and more varied impact on health. There are different types of food sensitivities that may arise for a wide variety of reasons making it complex and oftentimes a confusing way to approach diet. Recognizing them helps you to regain and maintain health, and the first step to restoring your digestion and improving energy.

Symptoms are signs to your body that something is imbalanced and needs attention. It's time to listen to your gut and give it the nourishment it really wants for longevity and vibrancy. 

What you’ll learn:

The most common food sensitivities that may be in your diet right now
Sneaky label names and how to avoid them
Delicious and healthy alternatives
How to heal an inflamed gut
How to find out if you have any

What you’ll get:

A list of sneaky names to avoid
A mock-dairy recipe
The Elimination Diet protocol
Get muscle tested for one of the major food allergens, plus you get to bring ONE suspect item of your own to get tested

Take control of what doesn't belong in your system before the holiday season begins. End the year with clarity and start the new one with a bang.

When: November 19th, 2016 12-1:30pm
Where: RGS Studios at 4456 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California 94611
Cost: $55 sign up HERE or RSVP through ME or RGS Studios