oral detoxification

The tongue is the mirror to all organs of the body. A daily look keys into your overall general health. Our mouth houses good & bad bacteria. While the good protects our teeth and gums, the bad leads to bad breath, oral infections and even lead to diseases and other health ailments.

TONGUE SCRAPING is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that clears bad bacteria, food debris, fungus & dead cells from the surface of our tongue…removing smell and bringing taste back.

Just by cleansing the oral cavity, you stimulate the internal organs, improve digestion, & cleanse the whole body.

7-14 strokes, back to front and not too hard. 

OIL PULLING is another Ayurvedic practice that promotes oral hygiene. Food-grade oils like coconut oil or sesame oil “pull” away harmful toxins from the mouth, teeth, gums & throat, preventing tooth decay, cavities, plaque and that bad breath. 

Plus, it drains waste from the lymphatic system, whitens teeth, clears skin, improves digestion, weight loss, normal sleep patterns and helps kidney and liver function. 

Swish 1 tbsp. of unrefined coconut or sesame oil for 10-15 minutes before eating or drinking in the am. Don’t swallow any or else you reabsorb toxins. Spit it out. Use your tongue scraper. Rinse mouth with fresh water. If you have some serious oral infection, you can do it before each meal. I suggest you spit it out in the trash can.

Natural toothpastes do not contain preservatives, or sweeteners. They don’t contain artificial chemicals that may increase bacterial resistance to antibiotics, cause hormonal imbalances, bone decay, reproductive or immune issues, cause inflammation to the liver or the GI tract, or cancer. 

Buying or making your own organic natural toothpaste made of herbal extracts and mint oils still gets the job done without doing you damage.

homemade toothpaste 
3 tbsp. baking soda•antibacterial, slows tooth decay
3 tbsp coconut oil•antibacterial, whitens teeth
20 drops of peppermint essential oil•antibacterial
2 tsp. vegetable glycerin•antibacterial, kills halitosis
optional* xylitol•fights tooth decay
optional* 10 drops of clove essential oil• antibacterial, relieves tooth pain

Neem Oil....Chewing neem twigs used to be the norm in India to prevent gum disease, prevent cavities, kill bacteria, reduce gum inflammation, pain & plaque and overall keep the mouth fresh. 

Since you can't really find neem twigs around here, you can dip your brush in neem bark powder or find a neem mouthwash. You can spread neem oil across floss or add a few drops of it into your natural toothpaste to whiten teeth, reduce canker sores & gingivitis too.

Activated Charcoal...This black magic gets rid of stains from the good times of drinking coffee, tea and wine. By changing the pH balance of the mouth, activated charcoal cleanses the mouth and the GI tract thus preventing cavities, bad breath and gum disease. 

Dip your wet toothbrush in activate charcoal powder. You can buy capsules and open them up. Brush per usual, aiming for the stains and swish with water until your spit is clear. You can do this up to 2-3 times a week. 

Watch out, this stuff stains stuff, except your teeth.