The Cleanse Series


• S P R I N G F O R W A R D •
When spring arrives our bodies naturally want a physical and spiritual cleanse from post-holiday and winter debris. 

Time to nourish and encourage regeneration and eliminate toxic congestion by internally cleansing our digestion and liver. Time to eat powerful foods, sip on herbal teas, and partake in stress-relief practices. 


• C I T R U S  P A R A D I S I •
The grapefruit was discovered in South America and grown in clusters like grapes, the grapefruit is a hybrid between an orange and a pomelo. 

The water in its juice flushes out toxins and the fiber helps to remove waste from the colon. It's immune boosting and cell regeneration helps to speed up the cleansing process and repair the damage from poor foods, drinks and pollution. It has compounds that can help prevent fatty liver disease, a condition caused by heavy drinking, or excess weight, and diabetes to name a few. 

Plus, grapefruit juice, essential oil, and extract improves circulation, cleanses and protects the skin, thus helping the breakdown of cellulite. 


• THE ALLIUM FAMILY • garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, scallions and chives.

These pungent members activate liver enzymes that help you flush out toxins. They stimulate the livers largest antioxidant making them powerfully anti-bacterial and anti-parasitical. 

The 1st to show up on the forest floor is the garlic and it’s the most potent. Mincing garlic and letting it sit for 10 minutes prior to consuming it increases its healing properties by 10x.


• B E E T S • 
In the 19th century, women used beet juice to stain their lips and cheeks a rosy-red. 
Beets contain an amino acid called betaine that encourages liver cells to get rid of toxins.

Beets also have a special type of fiber (pectin) that clears toxins that have been removed from the liver, allowing them to be flushed instead of reabsorbed by the body. If you’ve ever gone through a detox or colon cleanse and have found yourself feeling more ill or backed up, that means that the toxins you tried getting rid have just gotten reabsorbed and have gotten trapped in there.

Beets have a real earthy taste to them. They also stain clothes. So watch out. 


• W A T E R C R E S S • 
The father of medicine once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates grew watercress in spring water and would use it to treat his patients from blood disorders. 

Watercress cleanses the blood by flushing heavy metals from the bloodstream. 

ATTN SMOKERS: when chopped or chewed, watercress may counteract effects of smoking by neutralizing carcinogens present in tobacco. Being a part of the broccoli family, it also stimulates the liver to detox and flush away the bad stuff. 

And if you're really into "woo" like I am, watercress helps to decalcify the pineal gland located right between the two sides of our brain. The pineal gland is the physical manifestation of the third eye. When activated, the third eye calls for creative flow and intuition. However, this gland becomes calcified by heavy metals, most commonly fluoride, which deprives us of our potential psychic abilities. too much for you? ha, just eat it. 


• T U R M E R I C • 
This golden treasure is pungent, bright orange, and grown in the tropical regions of Southern Asia. Turmeric is a plant that has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. 

Turmeric helps the liver to expel toxins from pesticides, additives, heavy metals, and everything else harmful to your body. Its potent compounds cleanse the blood, reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the liver cells that are working hard at breaking down those toxins. It's best absorbed when with taken with black pepper and/or a healthy fat.

Also, heals digestive disorders, joint pain, wounds. It beautifies the skin. Another watch-out moment with this guy too, he's a stainer. 


• D A N D Y  B L E N D •

dandelion, chicory root, beetroot, barley and rye

Trust me on this one. it's a coffee substitute that's liver cleansing and a digestive strengthener. it tastes like, smooth and full-bodied BUT without stressing out your hormones. 
dandelion is a liver tonic and blood purifier. it regulates digestion, helps with gas and indigestion, plus, it clears up acne. yes. 

Chicory root is food for the good bacteria in your tract, therefore improving digestion and nutrient absorption. 
Beetroot detoxifies and protects the liver.
Barley and rye strengthens your nervous system, keeps your brain smart + helps to heal UTI's!

Lasts you for a good while because all you need is a teaspoon per cup. 

• D R Y B R U S H I N G • 

A traditional practice among the Cherokee Indians who would use dried corn cobs to beautify their skin and durability. 

Dry brushing is a powerful therapy what strengthens the skins integrity (anti-cellulite), activates and removes waste, unclogs pores and releases toxins that become trapped under the skin, slows skin aging, increases circulation and improves digestion. That's a lot of good. 

Brush upward in circular motions, starting at the feet and moving up towards your torso, from your hands to your chest. That's the direction the lymph flows, so you're helping to stimulate it.