Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods are interesting because they invigorate your libido for different reasons. Some of them increase blood flow and stimulation to erogenous zones of the body, others give you energy and stamina to go at it all night, others support sex hormone production, and knowing that all of them increase your libido just plain makes you feel sexy and others look sexy too. 

There are lots of foods that are aphrodisiacs, like chocolate for example, which everyone knows about. Here, I'm going to focus on some foods that nutrient dense and libido boosting. 


Roman folklore tells us that WALNUTS were thrown at the bride and groom, (instead of rice) as a sign of fertility and that women often carried walnuts to promote fertility. 

Walnuts contain nitric oxide, which helps to plump and relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to our private parts. Penis erections and vaginal tissues become highly more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation, thus offering bigger and better orgasms. 


Avocados are full of beta-carotene, magnesium, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is called the “sex vitamin” because it improves circulation and blood flow to our private parts, decreases pms, helps menopausal symptoms, decrease prostate enlargement and helps with natural lubrication! 

HOW? By reducing hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and producing more estrogen. For men…vitamin E helps with erectile dysfunction (poor blood flow).

For half cup of this fruit, there’s 2.4 grams of protein…giving you energy and strength for late night sasss.


Chilies contain capsaicin, a compound that brings on the heat to your body’s temperature and circulation. These feelings arouse desire internally. Externally, this heat flushes your skin and lips, making them red and plump, maybe causing you to sweat a little. 

Even the thought of this can be powerful. Now, go and sprinkle some of this sex dust onto your avocado now.


Is it for real that oysters make you super sensual? Yes. But you have to eat about a dozen of them to feel that specific throbbing. 


Oysters are full of ZINC. Zinc is essential for making testosterone and for stimulating all sorts of genitalia. Oysters are also protein-rich, which keeps the bod vigorous til we’re of old age. 


This one might be a hard one for people to get because most associate garlic with its unique smell. Interestingly, garlic has a special component to its aroma that magnetizes pheromones. 

WHAT? That same special component is ALSO PRESENT in female secretions.

For those not into female secretions, that’s ok because garlic produces some serious blood flow to those erogenous zones, increases sexual stamina and beasty energy.

SO, how can you add these into your life?

  1. Eat walnuts as snack or in your granola.

  2. Make guacamole.

  3. Make a salsa with fresh chilies and garlic.

  4. Feast on oysters over red wine.