Our Dancing Chakras


Please join me and one of my close friends, Mindi Marcus of Mindi B. Ayurveda in this 6 week workshop, where you will learn the basics of the chakra system, discover the intricacies of your own chakra system and how it impacts your life. Each week we will explore the fundamentals of each chakra, and work towards alignment by exploring specific foods to help clear and charge them. We will also move through yoga sequencing, breath, and visualization customized to balance each chakra.  

You will be given the space for self-discovery, with plenty of new tools including practices and rituals to add to your wellness cache so you can apply them to your real life. 

We are very excited to be sharing such powerful knowledge with you. We'll also feed you delicious morsels to feed your chakras. ;)

When: Mondays March 6th-April 10th
Where: 308 15th St. Oakland, Ca
What Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Cost: $45 per workshop or $240 whole series. Purchase HERE.

Contact me for questions or more information.