As I've gotten older my virgo-esque qualities have started to kick in... Planning, hustling, and running around to make ends meet. Sometimes it's fun but can most definitely leave me drained and uncreative.

Meditation has helped me bring my imagination to life. Meditation has helped me chill the eff out, sit and observe. I sit to imagine subtle energy moving through my body, i imagine ocean waves, and other elements like air and earth in their natural state of ease and flow. Sometimes when i sit or lay on the ground i steer off into a "potentially negative scenario that hasn't even happened yet or my list of things to do. Luckily, I'm able to bring myself back and tell myself to chill the eff out, that now is important. 

Before I rested in the reality of this picture, I'd imagine this scene while I meditated. Then I stumbled upon it. Pretty good sign I'm on the right path. 

I recommend that you find a source of meditation. Meditation can be any activity that requires you to be at ease, breathe, and be mindful. Lots of people think that meditation requires a specific pose, setting, thought or "not thinking about anything." However, drawing, painting, staring at the ocean or sky, or paying attention to your breath are also forms of meditation. 

Find your practice to inner peace.