The Meridian System


We are physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Each aspect of ourselves can be considered a different frequency of vibration. Changes in any aspect affects all of the others.

Life Force known as chi is the energy which flows throughout the body. Chi is the vital force which sustains all life. Chi flows along pathways know as meridians. Each meridian governs or facilitates a particular function in the body and it is named for this function or an organ which has this function.

There are two polarities or aspects of chi, yin and yang. All of creation has this dual aspect: hot-cold, light-dark, day-night, active-passive, hard-soft, even-odd, contraction-expansion, sun- moon, left-right, heaven-earth, masculine-feminine, centripetal-centrifugal, up-down, in-out.

One cannot exist without the other. Both aspects are present with one aspect manifesting more than the other at a given moment. Yin Yang is not opposites clashing, it is the unity of two aspects of chi energy whose continual movement revolves in a constant interplay of balance. This interplay moves in a cycle.

Yin meridians govern organs which work all the time and are solid. Yang meridians govern organs which work periodically. Chi flows on the surface of the body in what is known as the superficial energy flow. Chi also flows deep within the body in a pattern.

Chi makes three trips around the body every 24 hours. Each two hour period has a particular meridian where the chi is primarily concentrated. One meridian flows into the next. When chi energy flows unobstructed in all of these patterns, we have health and balance.

When there is a block in the flow of an energy pathway, one or more channels following the block become deficient in energy and one or more channels preceding the block become excess. Deficient meridians will have an associated meridian testing weak (Muscle Testing).

We can determine where the blockage is by looking at this system. By bringing energy into the deficient meridian following the excess meridian in an energy cycle, it will remove the blockage and often feed all other deficient meridians without having to stimulate them directly. Any other excess meridians will usually become balanced also.

Blocks in the flow of chi cause symptoms, disease and/or lack of health and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

Written by: John McGuire, The Kinesiology Institute