August 2016

Activate Your Third Eye for Creativity


The mind’s eye, scientifically called the pineal gland, is considered to be the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. Our third eye, aka the ‘seat of our soul’ is linked to spiritual awareness, creativity, ethereal energy, enhanced imagination, intuition and even out of body experiences.

The pineal gland is the physical manifestation of the third eye. The pineal gland is a pea-sized cone-shaped gland lodged in between the left and right brain. This gland tells our body when it’s thirsty, hungry for food and sex, and is also our biological clock that determines how and when we age. 

Many of the players you will see to detoxify the pineal gland and heighten your third eye are all familiar and at your finger tips. 

Coconut oil + water revitalizes the brain and detoxes the pineal gland. Coconuts are rich in medium-chain triglycerides which are converted to ketones in the liver, this food restores neurons and improves nerve function in the brain.


Our third eye is the part of us, which ‘sees’ and intuits from beyond the conscious mind. Due to environmental and emotional toxins plus pesticide and chemical-laden foods, the pineal glands of many people have become compromised, meaning they get hardened by calcium phosphate crystals. Sadly, most glands become calcified by the age of 17. 

What calcifies our third eye?

Fluoride from public water and toothpaste, hormones & additives from processed foods, sugars & additives, artificial sweeteners & soda, cell phones & radiation.

WATERCRESS is rich in natural iodine, which is big in removing heavy metals from the blood stream. Heavy metals create that hard shell around our pineal gland, they also cause brain disorders. 


BANANAS also have lots of iodine, which removes heavy metals like calcium phosphate crystals that bind to your pineal gland. 


The pineal gland, our third eye is supposedly also responsible for the release of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The pineal gland/third eye produces DMT during mystical experiences, as well as during the birth and death process. Once the pineal gland is decalcified, you can start to practice things which will help to ‘turn it on’ and amp up natural production of your body’s own psychedelic drug DMT. 

Raw cacao helps to stimulate the third eye and is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals from damaging your brain. Cacao also raises your serotonin levels, a natural anti-depressant chemical that is released in your brain and makes you feel happy. Raw cacao also balances hormones and prevents mood swings during menses times. 


The third eye is associated with vision. The pineal gland is activated by light and controls our sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Our physical eyes allow us to see the perceptual world, the third eye “reveals the true nature of reality, the energetic template behind that which we perceive, and is able to transcend the confines of space and time.” Spirulina, is chlorophyll-rich, anything chlorophyll-rich is green and brings oxygen to the body. Spirulina, a blue-green algae is as green as green can get, it assists in the decalcification of the pineal gland due to its strong detoxification qualities.

apple cider vinegar

Once you begin to consume more alkaline foods you will start to increase your intuition, “psychic” powers, dreams, harmony, happiness, creativity, and overall energy.

Sipping raw apple cider vinegar, with the mother, 3 times a day, adding it to a glass with water, lemon juice, and honey (if you don't want to down it straight) helps alkalize the body. ACV is rich in malic acid, which has powerful detoxing effects and helps with the decalcification of the pineal gland and overall body. 


In many cultures, the pineapple represents the third eye or ‘pine’eal gland due to its shape. It’s also believed to have abilities to connect to your third eye. That may be because pineapple naturally has melatonin boosting properties and melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. It is what regulates your sleep and wake cycles. The more melatonin your gland produces that stronger your ability to open and expand your third eye. 

Pineapple has live enzymes that aid in protein digestion. It acts like a tenderizer to break down and absorb animal proteins, so it’s smooth sailing. Plus, pineapple is healthy all around for things like skin, cancer prevention, and higher energy. 

Start watching out for pineapple symbols around. You’ll then start to think about your third eye. Activate.