New Location!


I am just SO excited to start seeing clients at Harborside on Monday's from 10-4 starting in November. Harborside wins Best Cannabis Dispensary in California from Green State Cannabis Awards. So clearly this is going to be an exciting opportunity to reach and help even more members of our community.

I will be offering one hour individual consults. Book a session with me today! :)

There will be sliding scale for those who qualify for $65-100. Email me to learn more.

Welcoming the new year...


Are you ready for 2017? I sure am. I'm feeling positive, excited and motivated with a tinge of nervousness and concern for the upcoming year. Aren’t we all, though? We sure have endured a lot this year. Between some of our favorite legends passing to some of our close beloveds, the election, and trying to balance work, relationships, and our mental states, it’s been quite a whirlwind. Luckily, the beginning of a new year reminds you to thank what no longer serves you and allows you throw it in the fire.
2016 reminded me of how hardships and tragedies create a powerful impact on the soul-level and in the community. They bring people closer together and inspire change. What I want to do and encourage others to starting doing in the New Year is to keep the momentum of inspiring change and taking action to continue. Wouldn’t it be powerful if we supported this idea all the time? Powerful change takes shifts in attitude and behavior, it may come over time but it is possible.
Nourishing yourself with radiant thoughts, people, and food will be a key place to begin. Healthy food can heal our bodies and our spirit. Right now is wonderful time to reflect on any creative health changes that are calling for your attention. Do you want to start listening to your gut? What’s the buzz about fermented foods? Is there such a thing as healthy fats? Which vegetables really need to be organic? How do I get long-lasting energy? How can food help my stress levels? Can I use the food for my skin and body? Go on, ask yourself some questions you want answers to.