Coffee Scrubbing!

coffee scrub

Earlier this month I shared with you the pros and cons to drinking coffee. And now I’m going to share with you the benefits of using coffee grounds to your skin. It’s a wonderful way for you to be resourceful, save your monies, and beautify your skin naturally.

Coffee contains antioxidants, acids and enzymes that greatly reduce inflammation and wound skin damage creating quick skin regeneration.

Caffeine, the main component of coffee is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals and reverse their damage on the skin that we often see as age spots and wrinkles. Applying coffee grounds to the skin opens the pores and allows for this antioxidant absorption and thereby preventing premature aging.   

Sea salt and coffee grounds are pretty coarse to the skin, which is a good thing because this allows for deep exfoliation. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skins cells, removes surface dirt, and helps to regenerate new skin cells for healthy and glowing skin. It is especially beneficial to exfoliate before shaving and sun bathing as this helps to absorb moisture and helps to even out skin discoloration.

The mix of skin exfoliation and caffeine absorption increases circulation and blood flow in the body. Not only does this move energy and clear toxins from the lymphatic system but it also reduces the appearance of cellulite because it constricts the blood vessels in the skin. This constriction makes the skin tighter and firmer, creating a smoother texture. Scrubbing and massaging the skin at least twice a week helps to remove toxins and fats held in the skin.

You can definitely purchase coffee scrubs but you can also save some monies and make it from your used coffee grounds, sea salt and/or, olive oil, and optional essential oils.

Here’s what to do:

Add coffee grounds, sea salt and/or sugar to a bowl. Add olive oil to the mix. Use a hand blender or whisk to whip the mixture until the sugar or salt has saturated. Spread it over your body in circular motions, starting from the bottom of your body and upwards towards your heart. Rinse with cold water and feel good. 

Note: I don't use measurements for the recipe, I just eyeball it but definitely add more coffee grounds than sea salt.