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Getting grounded this summer


Nope, you didn’t do anything bad, but you might get into some trouble if you don’t stay grounded with your ambitions and intentions this summer.

Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year and a thematic time for light, power, and love and with it comes the masculine energy – best time to seek action and to show off some personal integrity that you have developed so far this year… in other words, a time to start walking your talk.

All sounds great and we say “yes, yes, yes, I’m on board”.  However, summer brings heat, sun, travels, lots of socializing, wine spritzers, and extra handfuls of tortilla chips. Trust me, I get it, friends come into town, the days are longer and we just don’t want to tackle our responsibilities.

But real-talk, staying grounded with your daily practical affairs and self-care will be essential if you want to achieve your work, relationship and personal growth desires.

How are you going to do this?

Set clear intentions. What absolutely needs to get done? If you have a project in mind or a deadline for something, then create a personal deadline to finish it. Then, break it down into smaller chunks and spread it out throughout the week (s) so that you stay on an even-paced track.

Save time for yourself to regroup. Write, meditate, deep breathing, clean your house, take a bath, etc. These moments of calm will help reset your clarity and nervous system so that you can stay on track with your intentions.

Move. This is the perfect time to catch some sun rays as you sweat. Go for run, walk, hike, swim, roller skate, skateboard, yoga, whatever. Movement pumps up your heart and triggers feel-good-brain-chemicals. Plus, if you are sidetracking from your normal healthy eats, chances are your liver wants you to sweat it out. Plus, your booty shorts will thank you.

Eat to nourish and replenish. Simple foods like salads, warm & cold veggie soups, fresh juices and smoothies that stimulate the liver and digestive system will be your best supporters.

Along with the lighter foods, add veggies like sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets, radishes, and tomatoes, which are highly grounding. Lean proteins like salmon, chicken, beans and legumes will keep you feeling full too.

I also recommend taking a yoga class or practicing a sequence at home at least twice a week to help center you, move energy throughout your chakras, and to increase mental and physical awareness.

Another grounding idea is to carry a blended essential oil spray like Ground Meditation Spray from Species by the Thousands, to help restore energy and balance you. Spray anytime, anywhere, and if you ask nicely anyone else who seems ungrounded.