Hello Journal, it's me...


The month of October really flew by but it was one of great existence. I worked like a maniac for the two months leading up to October. So, early on in the month I told myself to focus on the little things that bring me joy.

I brought dairy back into my life, went on epic walks weekly, day dreamt, binged on the series Transparent, and spent quality time with my loved ones.  Basically, I recharged, it was good, and now I'm feeling the fire to propel forward. 

Anyways, it's November. Here's a little bit of what November will bring from Cafe Astrology:

"The New Moon that energized Scorpio on October 30th sets the tone for much of the month of November. We are encouraged to move away from our comfort zone and to welcome new ways to live, heal, and transform. It’s a time for taking a good look at what we may have chosen to sweep under the carpet. Taking the time to understand others’ motives can enrich our feelings of intimacy, forgiveness, and sense of meaning. We might want to use this cycle to focus on and develop one special project or relationship to add purposefulness and depth to our lives. Powerful new insights into ourselves and relationships can occur now." 

This brings me excitement. I'm definitely feeling the vibrations of new heights and revelations that are not only coming to me but also to others that I've been speaking to. Therefore, I'm going to continue to feed this hungry growth for as long as possible. As should you. 

If you're feeling imbalanced in some way or another, even if it's nervous excitement about what the future holds, I want you to journal. Journaling your emotions, ideas, and thoughts have tremendous amounts of potential for finding answers to whatever it is that is inside of you that needs release. Next step to this, is to share a tidbit of these acknowledgements with someone you trust. This too has profound effects to your personal growth, as well.

It only takes 5 minutes a day, but I bet you'll actually find yourself writing for even longer. ;)