Spring Tonic Vinegar



Infused with nettle leaf, horsetail, fresh parsley and rosemary, this vinegar will tone your internal organs, cleanse your urinary tract, remedy antibacterial or anti-fungal issues, improve memory and mental clarity. Plus, strengthens bones, hair and nails. This is a win-win situation. 

Spring Tonic Vinegar


¼ cup dry organic nettle leaf

¼ cup dry organic horsetail

½ cup organic parsley

½ cup organic dandelion leaf

½ cup organic rosemary

Apple Cider Vinegar

Quart Jar


**If you are using all dried, or all fresh herbs, simply use equal parts.

Coarsely chop all herbs and combine in a quart jar.

Cover with Apple Cider Vinegar. Place cap on tightly and shake vigorously. Label your jar with your ingredients and the date. It's really easy to forget what's inside, so labeling is key. Place in a dark, dry place and shake daily. After a month, strain herbs through a muslin cloth into a clean quart jar or over a large bowl, squeeze out the herbs to get every last drop. Also, I recommend using a plastic cap as it will be less reactive with the vinegar than the usual metal caps, which can cause them to rust. 

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, you can either take this Spring Tonic Vinegar straight, a couple of tablespoons a day, or you can toss it with some spring greens to make a really delicious salad. I will try them all. 

Recipe from The Mountain Rose Blog