“Lyssandra is such an incredible healer! Her holistic approach to Nutritional wellness is both practical and bio-dynamic, connecting mind, body, spirit and soul! She really is next level, and working with her is fun! She has a wonderful uplifting presence, is articulate and is really so knowledgable. She helped me resolve some food allergies, and deepen my knowledge about my body and its relationship with food. Thank you Lyssandra, you are magic!”

- Tanya

“I owe so much of my health to working with Lyssandra. Before becoming her client I suffered from debilitating stomach cramps which I've had my whole life. I had already gone gluten free which had helped, but other things in my diet were still triggering me. Through my work with Lyssandra we were able to pinpoint multiple other food sensitivities (brown rice!) and through thoughtful cleanses and energy kinesiology, work towards healing my gut and improving my health, emotions and energy levels.”

- Krissy

“I went Lyssandra because she was recommended to me from a trusted friend and I'm so glad I did! Her personalized approach to healing meant every bit of me (emotions, spirit, physical imbalances, etc) was addressed in our sessions. I've been working with various practitioners in the Bay Area for the last 20 years and I've rarely felt so deeply cared for. I can assure you Lyssandra is a rare gem!

Lyssandra goes all in with each session and thanks to her work and thoughtful guidance ( her intuition is STRONG because she understood stuff about me that I barely knew about) I have been able to finally make phenomenal shifts in my eating (for example, no more almond milk and certain  legumes for me!) and in my ability to develop and maintain a wellness and self care plan that I love! Thank you Lyssandra and see you soon!”

- Yasmin

“I found Lyssandra when I was in need of a drastic health and well being shift in my life.  Lyssandra came highly recommended by a friend as a down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable nutritionist.  Through her guidance I was able to evaluate areas of my diet and daily lifestyle that were inhibiting me from having the kind of energy I was looking for.  Her skills as a holistic nutritionist and her wisdom around nutrition and supporting the digestive system, helped me to understand and actually enjoy cooking and eating again.

Since seeing Lyssandra I can honestly say that not only has my energy increased but also my mood and feelings of equanimity.  I can't not recommend her enough.”

- Grady

“Lyssandra is a compassionate and relatable nutritionist.  She has a great wealth of knowledge. She was able to accommodate me with my busy schedule and tailored a nutrition plan to fit me perfectly.  Her explanation of foods and health is very understandable. Sessions with lyssandra gave me inspiration to eat clean. She has helped me with my digestive issues, constipation, bloat and heart burn. I have even noticed an improvement in my sleep and i have lost weight, plus my energy has gone up! 

I would really encourage anyone to see Lyssandra if they want a need help eating the right foods, need a reboot, or have something going on. She will help you heal.”

- Berto