new moon walk

The new moon is about taking action and planting the seeds for the future. The new moon helps to bring in new energy so that you can begin setting a clear path to your highest potential. 
Join us again this month as we set specific and heart-felt intentions towards our health goals. Together we share resources, tools, stories, and smiles while plugging in our action steps to help us get closer to what we want to manifest. Small steps towards our goals are more likely to get accomplished and they propel you to the next one. It's a wonderful energetic trickle effect. Plus, creating accountability with your peers is proven to help you get your shit done right. Come check it out!
New Moon Walk + Talk will meet every Wednesday morning of the New Moon week. Check your calendars!

Next NM/WT: Wednesday, February 14th

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The New Moon helps you to plant seeds for your future. The energy around this moon gives you the motivation and momentum to achieving your needs and desires fulfilled. 

This month, the new moon in Virgo lands on September 19/20th. Virgo energy is about health and wellness in your  mind, body, and spirit. During this influence you may feel drawn to getting your physical and mental health back in order. This new moon asks you to take an inventory to see where you need the most care and support and in which ways you can love yourself without being so harsh on yourself. 

So, no more wish washin' around and making up excuses for not eating and living in a way that’s true to you. And you can’t just wish upon a star, if you want change, you gotta make it happen. Did you know that creating accountability with your peers is proven to help you get your shit done right? It's true! So, join me at this once a month series where we get our bodies moving then we begin manifesting what we want.

Together we will share resources and tools,we will bust out our planner and plug in our action steps…getting closer and closer to to getting to where we want to be. We will meet in the parking lot of Lake Temescal, walk, regroup, and manifest and set our manifestations into actionable steps.

This New Moon Walk + Talk debut on September 21st at 8:30am will be a FREE one, so let's get to it! Please email me to sign up!


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Join us in a community event called The Wellness Salon featuring an incredible line-up of practitioners, magic makers, and wellness providers… these incredible people are here to to help you align and reconnect back to yourself.

The event is FREE and full of locally made products, free demos, mini consults, drinks, and eats.

Get to know your local wellness providers and get started on working out those kinks with love!


Who will be there?

Native Palms Nutrition: Food & Chakras

Mindi B. Yoga & Ayurveda

Sound Healing from Take Care Beauty

Natural Skincare with Oloorea Beauty

Tarot & Palmistry with The Hanged Man Co.

Eye of Crow Herbalism

The Whorled Flower Essences 

The Crystal Cowgirl

Kundalini with Pritpal Simran Kaur


And tea provided by Steep Tea Co.

                                                                 Our Dancing Chakras


In this 6 week workshop, you will learn the basics of the chakra system, discover the intricacies of your own chakra system and how it impacts your life. Each week we will explore the fundamentals of each chakra, and work towards alignment by exploring specific foods to help clear and charge them. We will also move through yoga sequencing, breath, and visualization customized to balance each chakra.  

You will be given the space for self-discovery, with plenty of new tools including practices and rituals to add to your wellness cache so you can apply them to your real life. 

Be prepared to eat delicious morsels to feed our chakras. 

When: Mondays March 6th-April 10th
Where: 308 15th St. Oakland, Ca (the Shadow Office)
What Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Cost: $45 per workshop or $240 whole series
Tickets: On Eventbrite or you can email me.