Lyssandra Guerra

Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Therapist

I believe that Mother Earth, in all her glorious abundance of life and power has the strength to keep us balanced, healthy, and alive. I believe that the food that grows naturally in our soils has the intelligence to nurture our bodies and give us the nourishment that our bodies need. 

Hello! I’m Lyssandra, an Oakland-based Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Therapist. I guide those who seek a path towards eating, living, and thinking optimally for physical and mental health in a manner that is simple and effective.  I look at diet, digestion, and lifestyle for answers to your overall health, so that we can get to the root cause of your imbalances. By shifting these elements towards the positive, you will regain vitality, confidence, and prevent dis-ease.   

Do you have stress at work or from your relationships with family, friends, even food? Can you sleep at night? Do you exercise? Is your digestion impaired? Do you have food or sugar cravings? Are your PMS symptoms brutal? Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances? Together, we will examine questions like these to get to the root of your health issues. And as your nutritionist, I will lead you with compassion in making positive food choices that will strengthen your overall wellbeing and any present illnesses towards a path of recovery. 



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