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We are all unique individuals with different constitutions. Acknowledging that everyone behaves to food and stress differently is essential in assessing the individual as a whole.


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Want to know how I can support you on your health journey? Complimentary 15 minute consultations. 


6 Weeks to Glow: A New Kind of Women's Wellness Program

This program combine Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture, Comprehensive Lab Analysis and Nutrition/Wellness. This reset will empower you to take the control back around your health. Learn what feeds you (literally!) and be more empowered around your overall wellness for your entire life.

You will learn about the season's stress-busting nutrients, and optimal foods for YOU this time of year as well as tips to avoid sugar cravings and navigate the holiday dinner table (and parties) with more ease and less bloating.  You will receive customized and expert advice (instead of the general tips you see everywhere) via three in-person sessions with me.

We believe in an empowered model for health, and the more tools and knowledge we have to make decisions the better. 

You will get 6 sessions with Dr. Parker and myself (3 total sessions with each practitioner) customized to your needs—nutrition, acupuncture, lab analysis, herbs & beyond.

The Issues addressed in these sessions include: optimal digestion for fall winter, hormones, balancing your cycles or minimizing and/or eliminating perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms (e.g. night sweats, mood swings, etc.), get better sleep, improve the health and glow of your skin, reduce inflammation, learn about stress busting foods + tips for YOU, plus a functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of illness/disease and more! 


plant food

enliven: Nutrition 101

Begin your journey towards health by resetting your whole system through high-powered foods and a new style of living that works for YOU. I’ll look at your present health and current goals and guide you through an 8-week period of nutrition to optimize digestion, increase energy, and reduce stress.


Chakra Therapy: Connect to your true wisdom through self-discovery

Through chakra therapy, you will learn about your energy centers, also known as chakras, what they are & how they connect to yourself as a whole. Through examination of your health history, nutrition, and lifestyle, we work through blockages to bring the chakras back to balance.


Introductory: nutrition + Energy KInesiology 

The human body is built from, fueled by and repaired with substances found in our diet. Hence nutrition plays a huge role in health care and optimization of our internal systems. Kinesiology is used to assess how the client’s digestive health (amongst many other things) can be improved and how the individual’s constitution can be brought back into balance.